The Bliss family operated a dairy farm on the 72 acre property for many years.  We started our farm with two  orphaned ducks in 2005.  At a suggestion of a friend, we purchased our fist alpaca.  We had a barn built and installed fence to create a pasture.  Our alpacas arrived in 2006. 

We named our farm “Namaste Alpaca Farm” to honor the spirit in the alpaca.Alpaca are magnificent animals, serene but commanding. They are very inquisitive often staring at you as you watch them in the pasture.Their positive energy just begs you to touch them, but only if it is right with them.NEAOBA (New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association) says:“Just one touch….fall in love with an Alpaca”

However we did not stop there.  Next we purchased several chickens.  Our chickens serve a dual purpose - farm fresh eggs for morning breakfast and insect control. We have several breeds of chickens which give us eggs ranging from white to light blue/green and shades of chocolate.  We also have two geese, which are our farm security system, protecting the chickens

The latest addition to  the livestock are three Rambouillet sheep (Basil, Rosemary and Sage).  These sheep are a long fibered merino, which we will blend with the alpaca fiber.

Our farms mission is two fold:  to raise healthy animals to produce eggs and fiber to sell and to educate the public especially our guest about raising livestock.

We enjoy our new adventure and hope to share the spirit of the animals with our guests at our Inn by showcasing our animals and providing information about them. 

We have recently added a gift shop to the Inn.  We have processed our fiber and have wonderful yarns and rovings for sale.  Alpaca fiber is cashmere-like, incredibly soft and warm.  We also have some clothing  made from alpaca and other blended yarns available for gifts.  We especially love our alpaca "Teddy Bears".  When you stay at the Inn be sure to visit our gift shop!

Want to learn about livestock farming stay at Maine's only B&B with an alpaca farm.  We will share with you our fun experiences and one of our life's pleasures.